Company history

Company history

“The art of resisting in time”

When a company’s tradition is not merely invented bust based on actual facts, a brief history can help you to understand the reason for the success developed to the present, but it was gradually built up in the past.
This is our case.
Già alla fine del secolo scorso eravamo “in edilizia”: mio nonno Giuseppe, professore di calligrafia e geometra in Jesi (qui sono le nostre radici) era titolare di un affermato studio tecnico.
But the true founder of our Company, in 1923, was my father Manlio, a man of many talents: he took over the technical office, was a topography teacher, dealt with building materials and also worked as a building contractor.
However, his best ability was in the Industry of “concrete and cement tiles”, when still very young he set up the company in the centre of Jesi. From his inventive skills and his considerable determination in the research for new materials and new products resulted an endless variety of floor tiles, benches, fountains and outdoors ornamental fittings, in honed marble chips, in artificial stone, travertine, marble; all designed and manufactured to perfection in line and style. He was a pioneer in the field of concrete prefabrications with modular structures to use in both public and private sectors.
My brother, Giuseppe, was the first to follow our father’s steps; his new ideas gave to the company a further boost and soon it was time to move out of the old plant in the town centre where there was no longer sufficient space.
In the early sixties of the 19th century, Giuseppe and I designed and built the new plant in Jesi, equipping it with the latest machineries and at the same time considerably expanding our sales network.
Even after Giuseppe passed away, I have been sustaining the company with determination and passion driven also by his unfailing sensitivity, I carried on the idea of promoting and developing the Company that, after 90 years of uninterrupted activity, has become, today, a leader in the field.
A few years ago my sons and my daughter Manlio, Massimiliano and Marta began working with me for the Company. They took the responsibility of the three most important areas of our business that is Terrazzo Tiles, Artifacts and with increasing relevance, at national and international level, Marble Working for buildings, streets and urban furniture in public and private sectors.
Our factory is located on an area of 60,000 sq. mtrs of which 15,000 are covered and equipped with the most up to date fully automated machineries.
Daily capacity is more than 10,000 sq. mtrs of finished products, destinated to a wide variety of markets.
The organization of each sector of activity is based on the concept of “global quality”; we want to project the image of a dynamic Company which is italian as much as European.

Antonio Mattoli

“Geom. Manlio Mattoli - Cementi Armati e Affini” company establishment

The company “Geom. Manlio Mattoli – Cementi Armati e Affini” was established in a small workshop in the city center. It deals with the production of urban street furnitures such as poles for public lighting, ornamental fountains, coatings for railway stations, benches, vases, vespasians and many other custom-made items.

New management of Mattoli brothers

In this decade the young brothers Antonio and Giuseppe Mattoli take over the management of the company and introduce the most modern machinery of the time for the production of concrete floors supporting the products already in the range.

Changes of plant location to Jesi

The company moves into a large area of the current factory in Jesi and the enlargement get a significant boost thanks to the initiative of the Mattoli brothers.

Introduction of new machinery

Driven by high foreign demand, the introduction of modern machinery continues, making production more and more automated, and production is organized on 3 shifts, increasing significantly.

Marble and natural stone processing

The Mattoli family acquires a company that works marble and natural stones, this marks a new business sector in the company.

Third generation of Mattoli family

At the end of the millennium the third generation of Mattoli family ( Manlio, Massimiliano and Marta) enters in the company so there is a significant decrease in the average age of collaborators and a new incentive both in commercial and production departments.

Introduction of export sales dept

In these years, the necessity to expand the business abroad by taking part in fairs and missions, has been set up a new export sales department.

In presence and smart working

The global thread of COVID forces the company to a new office organization with staff always available to customers both in presence and in smart working.

Centenary of company’s establishment

There is a great expectations for the centenary of company’s establishment by the property, employees, customers and friends.



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